Bulgaria - November 2022


  • Inform to protect oneself from the danger of addictions. 
  • Discover and implement practices to enhance self-esteem, strengthen generosity, solidarity, environmental awareness and more.
  • Find alternatives to risky behaviors based on investing time to othes, in sharing positivism and do motivating activities.
  • Open young people's minds to the different cultures that live in Europe.
  • Create a spirit of civic engagement.
  • Encourage exchanges and links between young Europeans to stimulate their open-mindedness, their willingness to meet and their language skills.
  • Training in European values ​​and culture.
  • Develop skills in project pedagogy by sharing experiences.
  • Improving teamwork by proposing innovative and multidisciplinary activities.
  • Discover European educational systems.
  • Create associations of international organizations in the vocational education sector.
  • Create or consolidate local associations.


The work process will be carried out through different cooperative activities conducted by the three participating centers and planned from the beginning of the project.

The tasks are equally distributed in advance and involve the three participating centers and their teachers.

The students will use the TwinSpace and different digital platforms to, cooperatively, complete the different challenges that appear to them, based on the main theme of the project and reflecting on volunteering actions to do and on these bad habits that we must avoid.

These activities will be complemented with Erasmus+ mobilities already approved so that the students can carry out various activities in the other centers.

The activities will end in August 2023.


Through the work around risky behaviors, we want to help them to be able to make informed choices in being aware of the impact they can have on their health (physical and mental) and on their adult life. This project has also for ambition a real awareness of belonging to Europe for all the targets, a good knowledge of its values ​​and the establishment of a lasting partnership between the partners.

The work on risk behaviors aims to work on perception, self-confidence and the notion of freedom. On the subject of screens, it will also focus on supporting reasoned and responsible use of tools that are essential today, but often misused. 

Those objectives will be achieved if we see our students grow in their desire to get involved, to share their experiences, to start projects, if solidarity and environmental protection become important issues for them.

Through the different social networks of each of the three centers, our objectives will reach a larger audience.


Through the project "All together Safer and Better" we want to share the different practices of our educational centers in order to enrich our knowledge, develop our offer for the future and lead our students to become free and responsible European citizens. 
We bring together two areas of work that are often addressed separately: on the one hand,  prevention of risk behaviors and, on the other hand, the implementation of civic actions. We will also approach the subject of their hobbies. 
This project aims to allow our students to share with young people from other countries experiences on these different topics to enrich them, give them tools for reflection and show them that being active and getting involved in an action, can be a motivation, a motor and also a trampoline. 
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