FROM 13 TO 18 JUNE 2022

Welcoming  Bulgarian and Spanish in L'OUSTAL high school of Montastruc-la-Conseillère.

Day One: Arrival of partners.
Welcoming ceremony, zumba and flashmob
Activities by group about biodiversity, addiction and passion

Day Two: Activities by group about biodiversity, addiction and passion in the school
Orientation in the Buzet forest

Day three: Photo rally in the city of Albi
We went by bus to the city of Albi, a Unesco cultural heritage site, where we carried out a photo Rally-Tour that helped the students discover the most emblematic historical places in the city. 

Day three: Visit of the Jardin des Martels botanical garden
There we enjoyed a beautiful natural environment. The students carried out an activity in groups that consisted in looking for botanical information while they toured the garden. We ended the stay with a picnic with traditional snacks during which we shared our feelings about the beauty of the garden. 

Day four: Meeting with elderly and activity of cooking together. 

Departure of the participants 


FROM 6 TO 11 novembER 2022

Day One: Our first activity took place at the reception hall of the community library. After presenting ourselves, French and Bulgarian, we worked in transnational groups on creative activities to discover the specificities of Bulgaria and Varna. 

We walked along the Black Sea and discovered Bulgarian culinary specialties in a restaurant by the water. 

Day two: Presentation of the actions of the project, the partners and the passions of the Bulgarian pupils through the cheer-leaders, dances, music and song performed by Bulgarian students. Presentation of Bulgarian folk dances for the French and Spanish, once again with the precious help of Bulgarian students and teachers. 

Day three: Visit of the Botanical Garden and the Palace and the Wind Energy Park St Nicholas

Day four: Visit of the EcoPark and the students participated in sport games: folk ball, tug of war and running.
Visit of the Museum of glass and the submarine Glory.

Day five: Presentation of the French Alliance and visit of Varna.


FROM 17 TO 23 APRIL 2023


After Varna in Bulgaria, the last stop of our "All together safer and better" project took place in Valencia, Spain from the 17th to the 23rd of April 2023.

We pursued our exchanges on the theme of passion, addiction and the environment through visits, recycling games, debates, dancing and nature walks.

Our visit to the House of Charity was a key moment !

The pupils were welcomed into the various families and were able to exchange on a linguistic and cultural point of view and continue this new friendship with their pen friends.

The pupils will certainly remember these unforgettable moments which left their eyes full of tears !

We walked on the Turia river bed which stretches for almost nine kilometers through Valencia city. Finally, we arrived at the City of Arts and Sciences which is surrounded by 13,500 square meters of water, attractive streams and pools of water.